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December 2016

  1. Prisoners

    2013 film

    Watched 28 December 2016

    Just harrowing. This film hit me like a brick.

    Denis Villeneuve has definitely got a good thing going — he is proving himself to be a master of both tone and detail. Despite being two and a half hours long, the film never lets up. Not a moment feels wasted; every shot is packed with information and detail. The soundtrack is perfect. And my god, Roger Deakins.

    Jake Gyllenhaal is amazing in this, like I was promised. People should stop complaining about the quality of “new-school” American actors, because this guy exists.

  2. The Accountant

    2016 film

    Watched 25 December 2016

    So much potential was wasted here, it’s kinda hard to watch. I had to deduct half a star to account for the simply insulting writing-numbers-on-windows math genius montage. This film should have learned something from its main character: focus and terseness.

  3. The Handmaiden

    2016 film

    Watched 9 December 2016

    What an awe-inspiring juggling act. Not just in terms of story, but (more impressively) in structure, characterization, and tone. And yet, not a single ball is dropped. This film is excitingly original and delightfully well executed.