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There are many websites, but this one is mine.

I don’t run analytics or visitor tracking of any kind. I do my best to offer semantic HTML that is accessible to everyone (please let me know if it’s not). CSS is optional, but recommended; the stylesheet is based on my own Cobalt boilerplate. Javascript is very optional. Timestamps are all in Lisbon time.

Text is typeset in Input Sans Narrow by David Jonathan Ross. David is super nice and I thank him for his patience and encouragement as I messed around with the site’s typography and asked him for feedback. The Letra Studio logotype is set in Scandia Medium from Process Type Foundry.

This is a static site, built with Jekyll and a few plugins: jekyll-paginate-v2, jekyll-archives, and jekyll-sitemap. Backend code is written in Node.js and relies heavily on Express. Everything is hosted on Netlify, which I cannot recommend enough. I use Coda for writing code, iA Writer for writing prose, Sketch for most design work, Soulver for math, and Tower to make Git enjoyable.

This site follows the principles of the IndieWeb, because I like owning my content and my place on the web. Posts are published with Micropub, using rel-me authentication by way of Syndication feeds are offered in both Atom and JSON Feed formats. In the future I plan to implement microformats and Webmention — stay tuned!

You can find me and other sites like mine on

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