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November 2017

  1. Cars 3

    2017 film

    Watched 12 November 2017

    Works to redeem the series after the soulless Cars 2, but doesn’t go far enough to be something special by itself.

  2. Atomic Blonde

    2017 film

    Watched 8 November 2017

    Not as iconic, consistent, or memorable as John Wick (the comparison is inevitable). Thankfully the amazing Charlize Theron makes up for it, with little help: some mind-bending fight choreography and that silly title.

  3. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    2017 film

    Watched 3 November 2017

    Like a stuck-in-time sequel to The Fifth Element, keeping all of its bad traits (overt sexism, shallow themes, a messy third act) and none of the good ones (unyielding goofiness, a confident screenplay, Jean Giraud’s iconic designs, Gary Oldman).