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Film Reviews

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  1. Decision to Leave

    2022 film

    Watched 21 November 2023

    A beautiful puzzle box. Pieces fitting together so satisfyingly, I could practically hear the clicking sounds.

  2. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

    2023 film

    Watched 6 May 2023

    I really wish this series could just be its own thing outside the “marvel” “universe”

  3. Top Gun: Maverick

    2022 film

    Watched 28 May 2022

    The original may be aesthetically superior, with those citric pink sunsets, extended plane porn montages, and glamorously lit sweaty bodies, but this one delivers on thrills and excitement on a much more real and visceral level — and they kept Danger Zone!

    Top Gun is a postcard. Maverick is being there.

  4. After Yang

    2021 film

    Watched 9 March 2022

    I really want to follow Yang on Instagram and cry at his intensely beautiful and melancholy Live Photos.

  5. Nightmare Alley

    2021 film

    Watched 13 February 2022

    The tone is pitch-perfect — the aesthetic, the performances, down to how karmically predictable some of the twists are. Love all the little props, such delicate artefacts, all feeling like they could tell a whole story. I couldn’t stop thinking of Ricky Jay, and now I find myself wishing for a Del Toro film about him. Or maybe just the objects he left behind.

  6. The Voyeurs

    2021 film

    Watched 24 October 2021

    I couldn’t possibly predict twists this dumb, and that just made them all the more effective. Hats off to this movie!

  7. Nobody

    2021 film

    Watched 19 September 2021

    John Wick has been losing its way but this movie knows what it’s all about. A blur of a 90-minute punch in the face — just enough to put you in the hospital, not enough to kill you of overstimulation.

  8. Stowaway

    2021 film

    Watched 19 August 2021

    I learned that Toni Collette is australian in real life. Next: do solar storms actually look like that? This movie is great at making me want to check Wikipedia.