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Alita: Battle Angel

2019 film

Watched 24 July 2019

  • There are many cool robots and body parts flying around.
  • Cristoph Waltz was terribly miscast and is the least believable character in the movie.
  • I wish the city itself had gotten more attention from the art department, but I guess the robots are what matters the most.
  • The robots are indeed very cool and they fight a lot, but not too much, which is perfect.

A solid follow-up to the other two good anime-with-real-people movies, Speed Racer and Pacific Rim. More, please.

About star ratings

My ratings are subjective. I’m not aiming for a perfect ranking of comparative artistic merit, just trying to represent how I feel about stuff. Here’s what they mean:

Personal favorite. I simply love it, warts and all.
Something special. Highly recommended.
Good, but unremarkable. I’ll probably forget about it.
A waste of time. Not recommended.
Practically insulting. Soulless garbage. (Rare!)