Videogame Reviews

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  1. The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

    Videogame, 2018

    Played on Mac 15 July 2019

    A charming little game that got me to smile a lot for the duration of a well-spent hour.

  2. Hollow Knight

    Videogame, 2017

    Played on Switch 1 July 2019

    The Knight visits the Grubfather, who is surrounded by his happy family of Grubs.

    I just knew that as soon as I booted this game for the first time, I would fall down the rabbit hole and be completely transfixed. And so it happened. One of the most rewarding exploration games I have ever played.

  3. Donut County

    Videogame, 2018

    Played on Switch 21 March 2019

    Is this a dig at Silicon Valley techbros? I love it. Reminded me of an old New Yorker cartoon:

    “Yes, the planet got destroyed. But for a beautiful moment in time we created a lot of value for shareholders.”

    Short and sweet, full of personality. The kind of game that makes me want to make games.

  4. Undertale

    Videogame, 2015

    Played on Mac 30 September 2018

    Brilliant in mechanics and narrative. Absolutely fantastic soundtrack. Got a bit too high on its own supply at the end there, which left me somewhat emotionally detached. That disconnect might just have been due to expectations, though: I was anticipating a more adult-ish, less “anime” overarching feeling. But I guess anime is real.

  5. The Witness

    Videogame, 2016

    Played on Mac 22 July 2018

    I played it in fits and starts, but I was charmed every time, and always envious of the brilliant ideas on display. The design is just so economic and straightforward, yet presents so many possibilities for variation. Deserves to be in some design museum’s permanent collection.